Differences Between Servers

IPTV Express

  • 2300+ Live TV Channels
  • Time Shift Option allowing you to pause and rewind many live shows.
  • Decent EPG (guide with time)
  • Allows for two devices but only one can be active at a time.
  • Password Protected Adult Section
  • More Extensive Videoclub with over 8000+ recorded movies and shows.


  • 2300+ Live TV Channels
  • No Time Shift Option
  • More Accurate EPG than Express.
  • Strictly one device. Switching to another device can get your account blocked.
  • Password Protected Adult Section
  • Videoclub has around 4000+ recorded Movies and Shows.


OK2 M3U Link

  • OK2 M3U link offers exact same channels as OK2 option.
  • M3U link allows you to use the server on devices such as Windows, Apple, and many third party applications that support M3U playlists.

Both servers are very reliable and stable. The main difference comes down to a specific language you, the customer, are looking for. If it’s just English content that you are looking for then both Express and OK2 are great options. But for instance, if you’re looking for Spanish, Vietnamese, or Chinese then I’d recommend OK2 since express does not offer those languages. Similarly, express offers polish and Caribbean and OK2 does not. If you have any questions please contact us.   

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