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With IPTV monthly subscription you get access to over 2300+ live television channels and over 8000+ movies and shows that too at a great price of $12 per month.

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One Month IPTV Subscription ($12 usd/monthly)

This one month IPTV Express subscription is a great way for new customers to get a feel for the service. With this subscription you get full access to 2300+ live channels of your favorite television movies, shows, and sports channels. Furthermore, the subscription includes channels from various languages, there is something for everyone. Lastly, with the  IPTV Express many channels have a time-shift option which allows for you to rewind, pause and play live television.

The subscription has a videoclub, this is like video on demand section giving you access to 7000+ newly released movies and shows. The list is always growing as it’s constantly being updated. The best part is this whole package could be yours for only cost $12/month, all you need is an Android Box with a good stable internet connection.

The setup process is very simple and easy to do, no technical background is needed. Takes about 5-10 minutes. Additionally, we provide full support if you need help getting it up and running.

Boxes we support:
  • All Android Devices (through STB Emulator).
  • All Infomir Series (MAG 250, MAG254, MAG 256, MAG322, MAG410).
  • Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV
  • Desktop/Laptop Through Bluestacks program (You would need to select M3U link).
  • Also provide M3U Links for any third party apps you may want to use (Make sure you purchase OK2 Server for this).
  • ROKU is NOT supported.

With the subscription, you will get instant access to 2200+ live channels from various languages as well as our video on demand selection that includes 7500+ movies and television shows. This list is always growing and expanding. See languages offered.

If you are unsure of which server to select, or would like to know the differences between them please click here. 


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