Frequently Asked Questions.


What Devices Are Supported?

All Android Devices (Boxes & Phones) are supported.
All MAG Infomir (only MAC activation)
Android TV’s
Samsung/LG SMART TV (through SMART-STB or SMART-IPTV app)

  1. SMART-STB is only MAC Activation
  2. SMART-IPTV is only M3U Activation

MAC/Windows (M3U Playlist Only)
Amazon Firestick/Box
AppleTV/iPhone (through iPlayTV which only allows M3U Playlist)

ROKU is NOT supported.

How Long Will It Take for My Service To Start Working

We are usually pretty fast in activating the IPTV service and you can expect to receive instructions for setup within the hour. However, depending on circumstance it may take a bit longer. Guranteed 24 hour delivery for digital products.

What is the difference in servers?

In terms of English content, 90% of channels offered across all servers are the same. The main difference comes in the international channels. You can find the channel list for each server on site. Also, each server uses different feeds for streams so you do get different level of reliability. We suggest to try one server and if your completely satisfied than no need to try another server. However, in the case your specific favorite channel isn’t working on one server you could always try the other.

Should I get MAC Activation or M3U Playlist?

This would depend on which device you are currently trying to setup. On windows, MAC, iPhone, or SMART-IPTV you would require a M3U subscription. If your using a MAG, STB Emulator (on android), or SMART-STB you would require a MAC activation. If you’re unsure feel free to contact us and we’ll work together to determine which is required.

Where Can I Find my MAC address Beginning With 00:1A:79?

On all IPTV-Set Top Boxes you can find this directly on the sticker underneath the box.

For all android devices you would need to download STB emulator and follow instructions in our how to section. The steps are settings > profile > select the existing profile > STB configuration > here you will find the MAC beginning with 00:1A:79.

For M3U Subscription no MAC address is required.

Purchased One Server But Would Like A Transfer to Another.

We at CableCast can not change users from one server to another since each activation has adminstrative costs. If you would like to try a different server that would be a different purchase.

How Many Devices Can I use?

This would depend on which server you would purchase.

  1. OK2 MAC Activation (restricted to only the first device you install on)
  2. OK2 M3U Playlist (As many devices as you want, only one can be active at a time)
  3. Express, GOLD and VooDoo you can have 2-3 devices in the same household. Only one can be active at a time.

Now, to use multiple devices you would have to use the same MAC address that is currently activated across all devices. Only certain applications like the STB emulator allow users to edit the MAC address.

Shipping & Returns

How Are Physical Products Shipped and Handling Times

On all physical products we ship with either Canada Post, UPS, Fedex. Delivery times can vary depending on location of customer but as a rough approximation standard mail 3-7 days and by Express 1-2 days. Processing time to package and deliver item to post office is 12-24 hours.

Return Policy?

On all digital products, unfortunately we don’t accept returns based off the fact that once a service has been activated we can not re-sell the product.

On physical products we offer 14 day return policy for defective items. The customer is responsible for shipping product back. Once verified that the product is indeed defective we will provide full 100% refund.


What Are Payment Options?

Currently customers can pay using Credit Card, PayPal or E-transfers (Only for Canadian Customers).

Will I get billed automatically? How does renewal process work.

No, you will not get billed automatically. The subscription will just expire after the monthly duration purchased. To renew your subscription you would just go to www.cablestreams.com/shop and select another monthly package and make sure to choose the same server and MAC address as first purchased.

Is Payment Secure?

Yes payments are 100% safe. All PayPal payments are made using PayPal Gateway off site. All credit card payments are made using Stripe gateway, also electronic transfers are also done off-site and are completely safe. We don’t store any payment information and the site is also SSL Encrypted to protect customers identity.

Technical Issues

I just purchased a subscription and am getting login authentication screen / message saying STB Is Blocked.

There are two reasons as to why you are seeing these messages:

  1. We have yet to activate the service, you will be notified by email once activated and be able to by-pass these screens.
  2. If you had recevied an email and are still seeing these messages then the MAC address currently in the profile of the app does not match the active. If a generated MAC address was sent to you please make sure it has been inputted in the settings exactly as it was shown.

If you already had an existing subscripton that is in use and started to receive a blue screen with message “STB is blocked” then your account most likely has expired.

Channels are Freezing / Buffering Quite Frequently.

There are two causes of freezing/buffering, first is on the user end and the other at the servers.

User End – Most likely due to fluctuation of internet connection. The best method of viewing is to  connect your streaming device directly via an Ethernet Cable. Users who have tried switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet have mentioned a huge difference in quality and speed of streams.  It is also possible that the channel just temporary frooze which can easily be fixed by changing the channel and going back. 

Server End –  Some of the channels do go down temporarily. If majority of other channels are working but a few specific ones are not than this is most likely a server issue. Please note, we don’t host the servers and have no ability to repair channels that do go down, this is one of the downsides of IPTV, but for $12/month which comes out to roughly 40 cents a day we hope you can still find the value of all the other channels, movies and shows your able to access. If your favorite channels are down for an extended period of time please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to make the issue right by helping you switchover to another server that has those channels working.

I cannot access the adult section

Sometimes the STB emulator app can be difficult to use and takes some trial and error to figure out exactly how to enter the password. We have short instructional video you can watch to see how it is done.

Password for each server is different and was sent in email.

Express – 9875
OK2 – 0000
VooDoo – 8888

The STB emulator app is not loading channel list. Just a blank screen.

This can happen time to time for some users. It’s a very easy fix, just type in any number e.g. 5 and the channel list should re-appear.

Having Difficulties Setting Up IPTV service on my device.

Please checkout our blog which has written instructions and videos to help setup a wide variety of devices.

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